The Spoonbill Generator

No Thinner Knot

Casually, through the wall [Roland]

The latex bead got very small [The Agent Apsley]

Which puzzled Mrs Mears [TG]

"Why," she pondered , late one June [Roland]

"Must soup be eaten with a spoon?" [TG]

She knew that walls had ears [Roland]

Circumventing spying eyes [TG]

The rubber necklace shrank in size [Roland]

But did not shrink her fears [P]

"What," she pondered, "did I miss?" [TG]

Surely there was more to life than this? [(trad)]

She thought, "How many years?" [P]

Beyond the wall, the greener grass [Roland]

The trees of iron, leaves of brass [P]

Cried 'Havoc!' to her shears [Roland]

"How," she pondered, "will I cope?" [P]

She sought a sturdy length of rope [TG]

What was the use of tears? [P subsequently corrected]

Lightly. with one measured vault [Roland]

And a handbag full of salt [P]

She called, "Goodbye, my dears!" [Roland]

Her corpse was found beneath the cliff [TG]

And, this day, I wonder if [Roland]

Her cousin Albert learned to sniff. [The Agent Apsley]

Contributors: Roland, The Agent Apsley, TG, P, (trad).
Poem finished: 7th February 2000.