The Spoonbill Generator

Weathered Wedding: The Empyrean Dust

It wasn't my intention to rebuild the world at large [P]

But what else is there to do on a wet Sunday morning [TG]

For regular "Observer" readers, such an easy charge! [E Greejius]

The world is being altered while you just lie there yawning [TG]

It isn't my position to retell the 'News at Ten' [Grayman]

To keep a dog and bark yourself is not judicious; [E Greejius, corrected]

But if it yelps remorsefully, slinks out, down-tailed -what then? [H]

You might as well just go and join a yak farm in Chile [TG]

It won't be my volition to save the world again [DeeJayDave]

Despite my endless hours spent reading the "Observer"; [E Greejius]

Ham-sandwiches were never the same after 'nam [The Agent Apsley]

It killed the theory of them as a life-preserver. [E Greejius]

It wouldn't be the first time I've crashlanded on the Moon [TG]

One small crash for man; not a quiver for mankind. [E Greejius]

My preference for pork astounds my friends: [The Agent Apsley]

It's not so much the eating, it's what happens to the rind [TG]

You wouldn't be the first to say I'm talking balls; [E Greejius]

It isn't my profession, but it helps [The Agent Apsley]

in my profession to dwell in marble halls [DeeJay Dave]

While drinking herbal tea and differentiating kelps [TG]

It's listening to your blah that really gets my goat. [E Greejius]

It's approaching my nasal cavity with a view to getting up it [Grayman]

As far as hoary man could climb or even hairy hoat [The Agent Apsley]

Itís gone right past my uvula! Just stop it! [E Greejius]

Contributors: P, TG, E Greejius, Grayman, H, DeeJayDave, The Agent Apsley, DeeJay Dave.
Poem finished: 29th January 2000.