The Spoonbill Generator

Her nerveless dressing-table, regarding which

Although her skull is squat and flat [Roland]

She wears a fetching bowler hat [P]

Entirely made from rubber-bands [The Agent Apsley]

And styled by her exquisite hands [Roland]

And round her neck she gaily sports [DeeJay Dave]

A catheter of rosy quartz [TG]

Entirely stolen from the Queen [Roland]

Whose defects can be clearly seen [E Greejius]

To buy her clothes she needs to go [Grayman]

To haunts of eel and Esquimau [Roland]

Entirely clad in fur and feather [Grayman]

Head to foot in lard and leather [Roland]

She is the belle of every ball [The Agent Apsley]

Though not the fairest of them all [Roland]

Her harassed beaux, suppressing qualms, [E Greejius]

It's gone right past my uvula! Just stop it! [E Greejius]

Contributors: Roland, P, The Agent Apsley, DeeJay Dave, TG, E Greejius, Grayman.
Poem finished: 29th January 2000.