The Spoonbill Generator

Hurrah! A Pointless Stereo Pencil

The lines of life upon her face [Lightningchaser]

Read somewhat like a map [Roland]

Charting emotions [KT]

BUT ... [E Greejius]

The crimes of life, should she embrace [Roland]

A somewhat lifeless chap [TG]

Crossing the oceans [The Agent Apsley]

(Tut!) [Roland]

With signs of life through his grimace [E Greejius]

His jaws don't overlap [Loaf]

So full of emotions [Elizabeth]

Jut [KT]

What kind of life does this replace? [TG]

Is this some kind of trap? [P]

No-one I know shuns [Roland]

Cutt- [E Greejius]

-lefish, nor chubb, nor dace [Loaf]

With Death to beat the rap [TG]

Banged up in Nissen's [E Greejius]

Hut [Roland]

The leyish lines that cross this place [TG]

Have a peculiar gap [KT]

Whereas the cown shuns [The Agent Apsley]

glut [Dee Jay Dave]

Authenticates the human race [E Greejius]

The while to take a nap [TG]

It makes one do one's [E Greejius]

Nut [Roland]

The sporting life, sunk without trace? [E Greejius]

A victim of the clap! [P]

Performing devotions [TG]

(Cut [E Greejius]

Contributors: Lightningchaser, Roland, KT, E Greejius, TG, The Agent Apsley, Loaf, Elizabeth, P, Dee Jay Dave.
Poem finished: 21st January 2000.