The Spoonbill Generator

Cement Listlessly Poured Upon An Impostor

When Thoth was King of Bermondsey [Roland]

And Buddleia was Queen [KT]

The hoi polloi were often heard to cry: [TG]

More Plasticene! [Roland]

When Thoth was King of Bermondsey [P]

And Bathyscaph was boss [Roland]

The underpants were often hung to dry [KT]

(Who gives a toss?) [E Greejius]

When Thoth was King of Bermondsey [(trad)]

And poverty was rife [TG]

The fishcakes were often hard to fry [The Agent Apsley]

With spoon and knife [Roland]

When Thoth (kicked out of Bermondsey) [E Greejius]

Was cast in plaster mould [Roland]

None did dare to sanctify a lie [Elizabeth]

- none was so bold [KT]

When Thoth returned to Bermondsey [TG]

With vigour and with vim [P]

They scorned each simulacrum of the sky [Roland]

Why? Don't ask HIM .... [E Greejius]

When Thoth expired, all Bermondsey [Roland]

Was decked in bunting gay [TG]

The Loony Left blew monarchy sky-high [E Greejius]

Without delay [Roland]

Contributors: Roland, KT, TG, P, E Greejius, (trad), The Agent Apsley, Elizabeth.
Poem finished: 18th January 2000.