The Spoonbill Generator

Such Lucky Wickedness

Fortune fattens the brave [P]

While those who misbehave [Surlaw]

Will never need to shave [Shipp]

Mischief fattens the meek [Surlaw]

While those who truly seek [P]

Shall sigh, yet never speak [Surlaw]

Whiskey enrages my aunt [Apsley]

Who might abstain, but can't [Surlaw]

Abide all the things that sha'n't [Apsley]

Mellow the glimmering tide [Surlaw]

With my mouth hideously wide [Apsley]

In merry matricide [Surlaw]

In vain they seek a rhyme [Apsley]

Seductive and sublime [Surlaw]

Out of space and time [Apsley]

Contributors: P, Surlaw, Shipp, Apsley.
Poem finished: 15th January 2000.