The Spoonbill Generator

New, Tidier Pixies

The stately tread of centuries has just assailed our ears [TG]

Unless we chose to listen to the rain [Roland]

We blotted out the sights and sounds with wines, champagnes and beers [TG]

And still we feel the unremitting pain [P]

Oh hellish bane! [Roland]

The flash and bang from works of fire has left our senses numb [TG]

Unless we kept our noses to the wheel [Roland]

And if we work for ten long years we'll earn a tidy sum [P]

While rolling, like a ship with rotting keel [Roland]

Can this be real? [TG]

The jangle of the market-tills has deafened all our scorn [Roland]

Unless we leave our hearing aids at home [TG]

Beside our slings and crutches. Had we not been born, [Roland]

We'd never know the glory that was Rome [TG]

All glass and chrome! [Roland]

The moaning of the queuing mass has nearly made us weep [TG]

Unless our eyes are clenched agin the glare [Roland]

And yet we'll cram on subway cars like acquiescent sheep [TG]

So we can simply say that we were there: [Roland]

Does anyone care? [TG]

Contributors: TG, Roland, P.
Poem finished: 14th January 2000.