The Spoonbill Generator

The Whatsit, Evermore

Time stands still; the bullet hangs in the air [TG]

Hair-loss suspended [Roland]

Like a ballerina thrilling @ the chase [The Agent Apsley]

All abruptly ended [Roland]

A wisp of smoke; the fan circles lazily [TG]

Autographs intended [Roland]

To compress the performance onto paper [TG]

(How very splendid!) [Roland]

A plume of flame; the scent of rotting flesh [Elizabeth]

With foul gases distended [Grayman]

Buckled hands and broken dial [Roland]

Was that intended? [Dave the DJ]

A flash of light; the curtain hides the door [KT]

The cast is offended [TG]

How shall our interrupted speech [Roland]

With verse be blended? [P]

Contributors: TG, Roland, The Agent Apsley, Elizabeth, Grayman, Dave the DJ, KT, P.
Poem finished: 14th January 2000.