The Spoonbill Generator

Cloudier Mystery

Gad-about Gertrude, there she gapes [Roland]

Riding high, riding high [TG]

Fresh from a croquet-match with seventeen apes [Roland]

Riding so high in the morning [TG]

Bicycle-pastry, all her own [Roland]

Rolling out, rolling out, [KT]

With the spawn of a maggot quickly sown [The Agent Apsley]

Rolling out bait in the evening [E Greejius]

Perched in a gondola, hear her sing [TG]

Swinging low, swinging low [Grayman]

Stealing the style of a long-dead King [Roland]

Swinging so low at the ball game [TG]

Cursing the chemistry, blow by blow [Roland]

Bunsen flame, bunsen flame [The Agent Apsley]

Parsing the elements, all for show [TG]

Flaming the 0-two at sundown. [Elizabeth]

Contributors: Roland, TG, KT, The Agent Apsley, E Greejius, Grayman, Elizabeth.
Poem finished: 13th January 2000.