The Spoonbill Generator

The Margarine Heart-Throb

This divan whereupon I lie [Grayman]

(Turn your face to the wall) [trad]

Was left me by your Uncle Stan [TG]

So go and find it if you can [Jane]

Although it's rather small [Grayman]

This sofa that I hide behind [TG]

(Close your eyes tight shut) [KT]

Was built for me by Henry Ford [P]

To be your final, just reward [Roland]

Although it pains your butt [TG]

This ottoman, whereon I mope [Roland]

(You shall not say a word!) [P]

Was plucked from Hell by Richard 3rd [Elizabeth]

Prematurely disinterred [Bop]

Before the world could cope [Roland]

This armchair whence I watch TV [TG]

(O Parker-Knoll! Yee-hah!) [Bijou T Rheum]

Was almost sold to Auntie Bee [KT]

But t'was rescued handily [Elizabeth]

And brought home in the car [Grayman]

This tenement in which I died [Bijou T Rheum]

(Turn your flesh to the wall) [Roland]

Time-capsule on millennial tide [Bijou T Rheum]

With nadgers' artefacts inside [TG]

And bodgers in them all. [KT]

This sombre town to which I came [P]

(Turn left at the lights) [Roland]

Was named 'Gravesend' at some time past [Grayman]

More hellish yet than Gormenghast [Roland]

Who craves transcendent heights? [Bijou T Rheum]

This county, where I live betimes [TG]

(Seek it on the map) [KT]

Transcends no chart ; in terms of growth [Roland]

'Tis small, or so the census quothe [Elizabeth]

For streets that overlap [Roland]

This country with the leaden skies [Grayman]

(Vow to it -- it's yours) [Bijou T Rheum]

Has never felt a tropic blast of heat [Elizabeth]

Or surge of any incomplete [Bijou T Rheum]

Tsunami at its shores [TG]

Contributors: Grayman, trad, TG, Jane, KT, P, Roland, Elizabeth, Bop, Bijou T Rheum.
Poem finished: 7th January 2000.