The Spoonbill Generator

Try Sucking Your Ear Under Water

When lightning strikes at midnight [Roland]

The clock strikes half-past two [Grayman]

And all the miners in their dens [Roland]

Exposed to my unpitying lens [E Greejius]

Are caught in derring-do [Grayman]

When midnight's children gather [TG]

Sweet pears and nectarines [KT]

Then all horses at the well [Roland]

Will curse the fences where they fell [P]

A-rupturing their spleens [Roland]

When midnight feasts are taken [Grayman]

On platters wrought from zinc [Roland]

I wouldn't deign to stuff my face [E Greejius]

Or crack my chitin carapace [TG]

A-quaffing of the drink [KT]

Yet ... when the noon-day beckons [Roland]

Banishing the dark [Elizabeth]

I wrap a scarf about mine eyes [Roland]

And go about in thick disguise [Grayman]

Deaf to the shrilling lark [E Greejius]

Contributors: Roland, Grayman, E Greejius, TG, KT, P, Elizabeth.
Poem finished: 6th January 2000.