The Spoonbill Generator

A Formal Comeback For The New Millipede

From pyramid to penthouse [Roland]

From Plymouth Hoe to Perth [KT]

Who dwells within a Kent house [TG]

Shall never rue his birth [Roland]

Nor ever leave the Earth [P]

Without delight and mirth. [Elizabeth]

From catacomb to cottage [TG]

From Notting Hill to Neath [Roland]

Who leaves a mess of pottage [TG]

Shall fail to clean his teeth [Roland]

Nor ever hang a wreath [TG]

Inert, to lie beneath [Grayman]

From inglenook to igloo [TG]

From Brighton Rock to Bath [Roland]

We all prefer a big loo [Grayman]

To trudging down the path [TG]

Away from warmth of hearth [KT]

Of plaster, lime and lath [Loaf]

Still, homebody or nomad [TG]

In wrappings rich, or rags [Roland]

Be you friend or foe, lad [Elizabeth]

Black or midnight hags [Bop]

Party to hens, or stags, [Roland]

We'll break out all the flags [TG]

From Langley Park to Memphis [Prefab Sprout]

From penthouse flat to pit [KT]

We know what common sense is [Elizabeth]

And how to deal with it [Roland]

It doesn't always fit [Grayman]

Ah, well ... that's God's remit ! [Prefab Sprout]

Contributors: Roland, KT, TG, P, Elizabeth, Grayman, Loaf, Bop, Prefab Sprout.
Poem finished: 4th January 2000.