The Spoonbill Generator

Hail Noddy!

Something whispers in my ear [Elizabeth]

Something horrid; something queer [TG]

Come inside! You won't regret [Roland]

Visiting the Internet [KT]

Tempting words in sweetest tones [TG]

Whispered into telephones [Grayman]

Messages across the wires [P]

Masking all our hearts' desires [Roland]

Murmurs of suggestive ilk [KT]

Slither sweetly out of silk [The Agent Apsley]

Pictures; icons; smiles and frowns [TG]

In-box, out-box, creeps and clowns [Elizabeth]

Time to click on 'disconnect' [Roland]

And try to be more circumspect [Grayman]

Contributors: Elizabeth, TG, Roland, KT, Grayman, P, The Agent Apsley.
Poem finished: 23rd December 1999.