The Spoonbill Generator

Screaming by Rote

A random collection of words [Peter WRC]

Is a wonderful thing to behold [KT]

pork thy minim stipend brew! [P]

As we have oft been told [Grayman]

By flocks of bees and birds [Roland]

know fork which up mandrake coup! [P]

A mindless detraction from frost [The Agent Apsley]

Is a wonderful thing to be told [Roland]

-- But meteorology sucks! [Dame Celia Volestrangler]

And dross is more common than gold. [Elizabeth]

What's found is not what's lost [P]

A goose is no more than it plucks [Roland]

A thoughtless ecxursion to Rome [Binky Huckaback]

Is a wonderful thing for a gnome [Roland]

For travel broadens the mind! [KT]

The strangest young waitress, I find, [The Agent Apsley]

Is not apt to tell the police [TG]

They've strayed from the patterns of peace [Roland]

An email discussion on frogs [KT]

Will soon have me packing my clogs [The Agent Apsley]

For an erotic tour of Amsterdam [El Tel]

With Becky and, perhaps, with Sam [Binky Huckaback]

Since she's the one whose bosom heaves [Roland]

At coffee grounds and wet tea leaves [KT]

A blinding indifference to mirth [Roland]

Is the sign of a mind out of tune [TG]

With the rhythm and peace of the earth [Grayman]

And betokens a soul quite forsook [TG]

By the misty delights of the moon [Roland]

And the thrilling delights of the book [KT]

Contributors: Peter WRC, KT, P, Grayman, Roland, The Agent Apsley, Dame Celia Volestrangler, Elizabeth, Binky Huckaback, TG, El Tel.
Poem finished: 14th December 1999.