The Spoonbill Generator

Thinking Allowed

I think that I shall never see [Grayman]

A possum lively as a flea [Roland]

For though I scry with strong intent [P]

My mind on hell is not so bent [The Agent Apsley]

I guess that I shall never hear [Grayman]

A paean sung to gonorrhoea [Loaf]

Applaud the clap? A circle game! [Rich T. Bikkies]

As viscious as the bite of fame [Roland]

I doubt that I shall ever smell [Rich T Bikkies]

The groin of archer William Tell [Elizabeth]

For when time's arrow flies astray [Roland]

It's clear we have no place to stay [TG]

I fear that I shall never touch [Roland]

The surface of a rabbit hutch [KT]

Or even its inhabitants' [The Agent Apsley]

(Based on all the evidence) [TG]

I know that I shall never feel [Roland]

The wind blow through a ferris wheel [Grayman]

And even my befuddled brain [(trad)]

Can hardly bear the extra strain [KT]

Of sieving haggis from the rain [The Agent Apsley]

I'm told that I shall never peer [Grayman]

From a balloon across the Tyne and Weir [El Tel]

For when I let the gas escape [TG]

I panic with the sellotape [Grayman]

I fancy I shall never know [Roland]

What mushrooms in the forest grow [KT]

Unless, with microscope and spoon [Roland]

I scry them 'neath the lambent moon [TG]

I wonder if I'll ever sense [KT]

My worth as more than 40 pence [Grayman]

And surely I will sell my soul [P]

To fall down the white rabbit's hole [KT]

I've pondered all these matters [P]

And conversed with idle chatters [TG]

And concluded that one thing is certain sure [KT]

You can't bite the bullet with your bottom jaw! [Roland]

Contributors: Grayman, Roland, P, The Agent Apsley, Loaf, Rich T. Bikkies, Rich T Bikkies, Elizabeth, TG, KT, (trad), El Tel.
Poem finished: 14th December 1999.