The Spoonbill Generator

Mythical Piscator

I talk to herring in the dark when no one is around [The Agent Apsley]

It wouldn't do for all to know [KT]

That those who feel the afterglow will soon be run to ground [TG]

And frozen in bizarre tableaux [Roland]

My mother's son is waiting now to see if you will come [KT]

But this I could not confirm or deny [The Agent Apsley]

And those who feast on After Eights shall shortly quit this slum [Roland]

And those who don't shall never die [KT]

Leastwise not audibly [The Agent Apsley]

The mack'rel on the other hand prefer the light of sun [KT]

They loathe the darkness, as I do myself; [Elizabeth]

Their silv'ry fins the starry darkness shun [Elizabeth]

And banish it from their sleek pelf [The Agent Apsley]

My other's son is waiting now to see if you will go [Roland]

But this I could not deny or confirm [KT]

For those who serve the longer term are not the ones I know [TG]

And those who don't have caught the germ [KT]

The Mother Sun brings blessings far beyond the ken of fish [TG]

Enriching land with blossoms, grains and fruit [KT]

And, thus persuaded, men of yore did faint for Lilian Gish [The Agent Apsley]

And lost themselves in hot pursuit [TG]

Of all that lies on distant shores and cannot be o'erseen [The Agent Apsley]

The story, once you've heard it, can be told [KT]

To those who haunt the northern Pole and make a sign obscene [The Agent Apsley]

-- In hope, no doubt, of garnering strange fruit? [R G Bhaji]

And eating in the Garden and their birthday suit [TG]

And thus in haste we must conclude [The Agent Apsley]

That those who slander Han the bold will find themselves pursued [TG]

Contributors: The Agent Apsley, KT, TG, Roland, Elizabeth, R G Bhaji.
Poem finished: 7th December 1999.