The Spoonbill Generator

Bottle Up

Spoons are the one thing God forgot [KT]

When sorting out the fate of Lot: [The Agent Apsley]

Eve thought he had, but he had not [KT]

Because he made the ocelot. [The Agent Apsley]

Not spoons, but spots, I meant to say, [KT]

Those furry freckles won't obey [Elizabeth]

The Master, who has gone away [Elizabeth]

To practise life in Mandalay. [The Agent Apsley]

The tiger got the stripes instead [KT]

"I really wanted swirls", he said [Grayman]

And sulked off to his leafy bed [TG]

To make up poems in his head. [KT]

Contributors: KT, The Agent Apsley, Elizabeth, Grayman, TG.
Poem finished: 26th November 1999.