The Spoonbill Generator

The Herrings' Adieu (Striding Akimbo)

Mortar, crust of lies [P]

Heavy with hate and deception [KT]

True portent of the earth's great size [P]

And of its lack of alibis [Roland]

Conception of the rule of water [TG]

Such, beyond the dream [Roland]

Deep in the night's green solitude [KT]

Listening for the silent scream [TG]

That rakes the very pit of Man [The Agent Apsley]

Expression of the depths of anguish [KT]

Quiet, the restless roar [TG]

Sudden above the symphony [KT]

Written by a witless bore [The Agent Apsley]

mired in dreams of epiphany [Elizabeth]

Where we mortals can but languish [Elizabeth]

Tall, beside my midget wife [The Agent Apsley]

Lost in the dust of centuries [KT]

Lengthy as an adder's life [Roland]

Slivered by the paring knife [TG]

In the scenes of endless slaughter [KT]

Start each stanza with a joke [The Agent Apsley]

End the era with a croak [Roland]

Croak [KT]

Like last time [The Agent Apsley]

Choke -- there is no time. [Elizabeth]

Contributors: P, KT, Roland, TG, The Agent Apsley, Elizabeth.
Poem finished: 23rd November 1999.