The Spoonbill Generator

Bunuel, Masterly Engineer

I skipped among the parsley beds [Bwp]

With little though of sleep [P]

I weaved my way among the sheds [TG]

As though I was a sheep [P]

And though it seemed a little odd [TG]

I felt quite sure that I was God [P]

I dived into the coral pool [TG]

(I couldn't tell you why) [P]

& in the water, deep and cool [Roland]

I found that I was dry [P]

And though it seemed a tad bizarre [TG]

I barely even said, 'Aha!' [Roland]

I riffled through unopened mail [TG]

And little thought to find [P]

A lizard, let alone a snail [TG]

Or slug of any kind [P]

And though it seemed the post was late [TG]

I knew that I had found a mate [P]

I climbed the half-transparent stairs [TG]

In half-translucent spats [Roland]

And caught, completely unawares [TG]

A glimpse of nine young cats [Roland]

And though the litter mewled at me [TG]

My absence proved no remedy [Roland]

I wondered only if the crowd [TG]

So sober and serene [Roland]

So footsore, and so strangely proud [P]

Was choked with Plasticene [Roland]

And though it seemed a trifle weird [TG]

I vowed to grow a lengthy beard [P]

Thus parsley, coral, spectral flights [Roland]

Seem somehow slightly strange [TG]

Yet, when the world is set to rights [Roland]

We'll need to make a change [TG]

For though it seems that nothing's new [P]

The visionaries are all too few [TG]

Contributors: Bwp, P, TG, Roland.
Poem finished: 18th November 1999.