The Spoonbill Generator

Corking the Windswept Wolves

When I consider ............ no, I can't go on [TG]

The sleeping dog must slumber still [on]

Upon that brink of Helicon [Roland]

That glistens like a sleeping-pill [The Agent Apsley]

But then -- forget it ... time has healed the wounds [KT]

That fester in the necrolith [The Agent Apsley]

Illuminated by the moons [P]

That swam her very eyepits' width [Roland]

But oh! ... forsooth, how strange this golden orb [Elizabeth]

This yolk, this brimming omphalos [Roland]

That fills my little German Korb [The Agent Apsley]

With a timely sense of loss [P]

And then again ... all gone ... so soon [Roland]

The playmates of my golden youth [TG]

The bicycle and blue balloon [KT]

The milky, first-born tooth [Roland]

Alas, no more ... the sorrow grows too deep [KT]

This veil shall hide my red-rimmed eyes [TG]

And from all shadows tightly keep [The Agent Apsley]

The burden of my sighs [KT]

My tears shall show ............ but then, I've said enough [TG]

To drive you all unto distraction [KT]

And make you vanish in a puff [The Agent Apsley]

A commonplace reaction. [Elizabeth]

Contributors: TG, on, Roland, The Agent Apsley, KT, P, Elizabeth.
Poem finished: 17th November 1999.