The Spoonbill Generator

To Bypass Cartesian Notation

Lot Seventeen: two lightweight combs, [Roland]

A hairbrush and a rabbit's foot, [KT]

A llama for those ideal homes, [The Agent Apsley]

A suitcase full of Grade A soot [TG]

An apple and some bones [Rob]

Collected in a cardboard box [KT]

Such as might delight a fox, [The Agent Apsley]

... (buyer to collect) [Roland]

How I remember the thrill of that day [TG]

The burnished lectern, catalogues [Roland]

The hush when we heard the auctioneer say [KT]

"Be quiet at the back, you villainous hogs!" [P]

And then, the gavel raised [Roland]

As if ever skyward [The Agent Apsley]

Asking who would bid. I would [TG]

... though, in retrospect ... [Roland]

Reticence gets the better [The Agent Apsley]

I wish I'd never seen the ad [TG]

Or found the crimson letter [Roland]

I never would have sold my Dad [TG]

Nor heard his farewell groans [Roland]

Echoing through the draughty halls [TG]

Where now the hungry woodworm crawls [Roland]

.... then again, who knows? [TG]

Lot Twenty-One? I cannot go on, [Roland]

A Chippendale ormulu clock [TG]

With a face that you had to blow on [KT]

To avoid being hauled to the dock, [The Agent Apsley]

Too late! Too late to say, [Roland]

As only words can betray [The Agent Apsley]

I only can suppose ... [Elizabeth]

That it's accurate but twice a day [Grayman]

But three and twenty times a night [TG]

Its chiming, remote and blasé, [Roland]

Fills the passages with delight [KT]

And corridors with glee [Roland]

Such as makes the soul écrasé [The Agent Apsley]

The flesh beyond repair [Roland]

O, how we despair! [The Agent Apsley]

How I remember the chill of that night [TG]

The sterling starlight, lantern glow, [Elizabeth]

The simpering pedants to left and to right [Roland]

The faltering fascists lisping low, [Elizabeth]

Too late, I say, too long [Roland]

I wish that time were'nt on my side [TG]

Enforcing my cruel parricide [Roland]

.... then again, who cares? ... [TG]

Contributors: Roland, KT, The Agent Apsley, TG, Rob, P, Elizabeth, Grayman.
Poem finished: 9th November 1999.