The Spoonbill Generator

Ahab Still Got Those Almighty Moonshine Blues

All dressed up and nowhere to go [TG]

Deep in the arctic, marooned on a floe [P]

Clouded pyjamas, an empire of frost [Roland]

My map is wet; I think I'm lost [Grayman]

Jack the Lad, but no sign of Jill [Roland]

Who forsook all to swallow a pill [The Agent Apsley]

Clouded miasmas, in Whitechapel lanes [Roland]

Watching the signal; searching for trains [TG]

Drunk as a Lord; yet cherchez la femme [Roland]

Higher than Keats, and I don't give a damn [TG]

Clouded confessions ... a sheath-knife ... a gag [Roland]

My mind's a-buzz, a Joplin rag [TG]

Knees of the bee, yet nowhere to kneel [Roland]

When the coelacanth's skin's started to peel [The Agent Apsley]

Flying the flag, but there's no one in sight [TG]

Launching a flare in the dark of the night [Grayman]

In at the deep-end, floundering fast [Roland]

Hoping the bottle will get there at last [Katie]

To end all the torture and hurting and pain [The Agent Apsley]

Drink some Scotch; numb the brain [TG]

Wake in the morning, my head's on the floor [Rob]

Getting the feeling I've been here before [TG]

Enough of the icebergs, the snow and the seals, [Katie]

I'll drop into the sea and have haddock and eels [Sam]

Tell my mama I'll be late home for tea [TG]

And that the Russian for trout's Etruscan for flea [The Agent Apsley]

And if she believes it we'll know she's a fool [P]

A credulous airhead: unhip and uncool. [E Greejius]

Tell her I'm sorry her plan went awry [TG]

But the fish don't abide when the fat starts to fry [The Agent Apsley]

My friends have all gone on the last train to town [Katie]

Their number was up when the signals was down [Roland]

Fall into bed with a moment to spare [P]

Before the huge hake entwines in my hair; [The Agent Apsley]

I know I can save it, just give me a chance, [KT]

I'll send it to drink lemon tea with my aunts [TG]

Deep in the night I expire with a groan [P]

Choked with the cable from your mobile 'phone [Roland]

But when all said and done, there are worse ways to go [Grayman]

Than asking to suck when just wanting to blow [The Agent Apsley]

Contributors: TG, P, Roland, Grayman, The Agent Apsley, Katie, Rob, Sam, E Greejius, KT.
Poem finished: 14th October 1999.