The Spoonbill Generator

Anathema or Assonance

A Plutonian plutocracy, a demonized democracy, [Teresa Incognita]

A hierarchical semi-aristocracy, based on modern social mockeries [Del Playa Debaucher]

A simple-minded symphony, a piffling epiphany, [Grayman]

A list of toppled emperors, potentates and powers [The Agent Apsley]

A roll of groveling sycophants, toadies, scrapers and bowers. [Teresa Incognita]

An underhanded underworld, an openhanded wonderworld, [Grayman]

An undistinguished painter in a gallery of art [The Agent Apsley]

An easel aesily destroyed, a mound of clay so simply cloyed, [Grayman]

An unrefining democrat who will not play his part [The Agent Apsley]

An ode we threw together and together through the ether hurled. [Gren]

A cavalier cacophony, a badly botched lobotomy, [Teresa Incognita]

A pathetic piece of poetry, no metric regularity [Bop's issue]

Please bury this poem it reeks of sheer stupidity! [Lady Lillian]

Try and do better yourself, assuming your statement has some validity [Teresa Incognita]

But if you have to criticise, at least eschew vulgarity [TG]

A gargantuan phallic obelisk, a tower of worship, [El Tel]

An understated overrated symbol of our doom [TG]

A copper-plated weftlet that shuttles from the loom [The Agent Apsley]

A complicated warplet that shimmers in the gloom [Grayman]

the trimming on a handle on a door without a room [fevvers]

Contributors: Teresa Incognita, Del Playa Debaucher, Grayman, The Agent Apsley, Gren, Bop's issue, Lady Lillian, TG, El Tel, fevvers.
Poem finished: 23rd September 1999.