The Spoonbill Generator

Explorers from Futility

The 'Big Adventure' all began on a day of trepidation [Spawn of Rippy]

A day we will revere for eighty weeks [TG]

Here we'll explain our joys and fears solely for your delectation [Teresa Incognita]

As we escape to the mountainís lofty peeks. [Butcher]

We climbed, and climbed again, far up into the Himalayas [Teresa Incognita]

A spot we will revisit eighty times [TG]

And there our sherpas paused and shared a bag of overripe papayas [Teresa Incognita]

Sprinkled with the juice of eighty limes [Anon.]

We climbed a tree and there we saw a volcanic eruption [Spawn of Rippy]

A thing we will remember eighty years [Teresa Incognita]

From our purch, now so imperiled, we but had a novel presumption. [Del Playa Debaucher]

Dispelling all but five of eighty fears [Spawn of Rippy]

We sat awhile, and gazed upon infinity's numbing expanse [TG]

We laughed in the face of danger [Lady Lillian]

All the while throughout this leisure we became quite entranced [Del Playa Debaucher]

Despite the eighty infants in the manger [TG]

We've documented the 'Big Adventure' for posterity [Teresa Incognita]

A tome that runs to eighty fun-packed pages [Grayman]

And guarantee our names will all go down in history [Teresa Incognita]

As scions of the three and eighty mages [TG]

We pondered much and wondered more and hardly drew a breath [The Agent Apsley]

At eighty thousand feet, there's little air [TG]

The fact that we were so high up was scaring us to death [Teresa Incognita]

But strangely, fear of falling kept us there [Grayman]

We hovered there and pelted clouds with ice [TG]

We'd mixed with coke and dark rum eighty proof [Teresa Incognita]

(The kind that makes us blush and flee what's nice) [The Agent Apsley]

And so we sat and viewed our world, from on the roof. [Teresa Incognita]

Contributors: Spawn of Rippy, TG, Teresa Incognita, Butcher, Anon., Del Playa Debaucher, Lady Lillian, Grayman, The Agent Apsley.
Poem finished: 13th September 1999.