The Spoonbill Generator

Tarantula Flakes Ripped my Earlobe

What is the point if one lacks the finish ? [El Tel]

Spiraling, Spiraling, trying to replenish [Spawn of Rippy`]

The store that's drained of all ambition [TG]

Ambition, a Mission, The Human Condition [Spawn of Rippy]

Never before in the legends of mice [TG]

But in my reality it happened twice.. [Spawn of Rippy]

But why does it occur more than once ? [El Tel]

It continues to happen and goes on for months. [Spawn of Rippy]

What is the point from which we start? [TG]

No point in upsetting the applecart [Grayman]

And what if the apples fall into my pants [El Tel]

Shall I jump up and dance, or leave it to chance? [Spawn of Rippy]

After giving it some thought, I think I'll wait [El Tel]

Or else I'll get in such a state [Grayman]

Seeing spying, prying, defying eyes in keyholes [Spawn of Rippy]

Sitting at desks bereft of kneeholes [TG]

But I cannot decide which day to play [El Tel]

Maybe I should just go away [Grayman]

And not return till yesterday [The Agent Apsley]

It can not wait to meet myself [Grayman]

To look in a mirror, behold an Elf !! [El Tel]

What is the point that needs decision? [TG]

Hand me the scalpel, I'll make the incision [Spawn of Rippy]

Contributors: El Tel, Spawn of Rippy`, TG, Spawn of Rippy, Grayman, The Agent Apsley.
Poem finished: 30th August 1999.