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Full Confession for the Titans

Pay up! Pay up! It's not a game, you know [TG]

Or, if it is, the rules are such that they will cause you woe; [The Agent Apsley]

The times I've had to tell you not to try that stuff with me [TG]

Be Smart! Pay up! Avoid a tragedy. [Son of Rippy]

The repulgent splendour of possession [Kelly]

Can lead to undisclosed obsession [TG]

And though the tenor of this poem has lost it's keen inflection [Best Boy & Rip]

The next verse gives us scope for rhythmical correctioon [TG]

Get off! Get off! You're standing on my hand [Grayman]

You've broken my watch, it cost a ruddy grand [El Tel]

The time's a mystery to me without my wrist-bound friend [TG]

Get off! get off! Or force me to defend! [Spawn of Rippy]

The indulgent sorrow of confession [Grayman]

Sends me in to fits of festering depression [El Tel]

Unlike those wherewith I entertained the Duke of Insurrection [The Agent Apsley]

Go forth and learn the ancient art of criminal detection [Spawn of Rippy]

It's time! It's time! To find my vein of gold [Marta]

This quest, I fear is too large to behold [El Tel]

So I undertake it blindfolded, by sense of touch alone [Grayman]

And I walk into an aardvark, with such impact that I groan [El Tel]

The rapid instance of compression [Grayman]

Can lead to a suspended session [TG]

To attack a demon of repression [Marta]

Comb the ground until you find a peculiar depression [Spawn of Rippy]

And still the harpies screamed lament [Rip]

They fill me with such fear, I must repent [El Tel]

A rising steam of sorrows vent [Spawn of Rippy]

So I seek refuge in a lonely tent [El Tel]

On quicksand, so begins descent [Spawn of Rippy]

But no-one knows which way they went [TG]

A bunch were buried in cement [Spawn of Rippy]

Which really wasn't what I meant [TG]

Hibernate, the money's spent. [Spawn of Rippy]

Contributors: TG, The Agent Apsley, Son of Rippy, Kelly, Best Boy & Rip, Grayman, El Tel, Spawn of Rippy, Marta, Rip.
Poem finished: 23rd August 1999.