The Spoonbill Generator

Deathrow Welshmen Sometimes Tick

Has time stopped? [P]

It surely has [Grayman]

Since all words come from the past [P]

If we could [Grayman]

Utter only monosyllables [The Agent Apsley]

Or stop talking at all [P]

Then war most brutal [Grayman]

Might end for good [TG]

Our chance of life [P]

Reawakened [TG]

By those who drowned [P]

Without knowing [TG]

The true silence [P]

Of peace [Grayman]

Or true purpose [P]

Of life, of love [Grayman]

Which all who suffer it [P]

Can only guess [TG]

The meaning of [P]

And, guessing, weep [TG]

Who knows how long? [Grayman]

Has time stopped? [P]

Have grey hairs ceased [The Agent Apsley]

To whiten [P]

Or the eyes that dimmed [Grayman]

Remembrance [P]

Of unuttered joys [The Agent Apsley]

Been closed in sleep [P]

For all memorial? [Grayman]

Has time stopped? [P]

Once through the mire [Grayman]

The dawning light [TG]

Burns a new path [P]

That draws us on [TG]

Through time's salt-marsh [P]

To deltas new [Grayman]

Beyond death's reach [P]

Where what was won or lost [The Agent Apsley]

Is meaningless [TG]

To all the strident ghosts [P]

Who moan nearby [TG]

Their yesteryears' laments [The Agent Apsley]

Has time stopped? [TG]

Or are we travelling faster? [Spawn of Rippy]

The staging posts [TG]

Where moan the priests [Mario]

Of divers cults [TG]

Seem older still [Grayman]

I must slay my demons [El Tel]

Or tame them [TG]

As I tame thee [Spawn of Rippy]

Contributors: P, Grayman, The Agent Apsley, TG, Spawn of Rippy, Mario, El Tel.
Poem finished: 17th August 1999.