The Spoonbill Generator

For My Bunny Rabbit

'Give me back my arquebus!', cried Randolph Great the Third [The Agent Apsley]

Lest I should take measures bold and stern [Grayman]

The thought that I would injure you is really quite absurd [TG]

Although your paintings readily I'll burn [The Agent Apsley]

I love my little arquebus and would not see it nicked [Grayman]

Nor picked apart by any passing bird [TG]

So from this theme all hint of grace we readily evict [The Agent Apsley]

As mockery is readily inferred [Grayman]

'Render me my palindrome!' shrieked Ludolph Bold the Fourth [The Agent Apsley]

I wish to try and read from right to left [Grayman]

And then to catch the butterflies that flitter in the North: [The Agent Apsley]

Although my net lacks something in the weft [TG]

I like a little palindrome upon my waking hour [Grayman]

I'm sour if I miss it going forth [TG]

And when the lepidoptera alight upon the flower [Grayman]

I'm apt to cry "My Kingdom for a morth!" [TG]

Someone find my astrolabe! moaned Randolph Great the fifth [Grayman]

Who wanted but to aim it at the sun; [The Agent Apsley]

Later,blinded he got very drunk [nomi]

And passed out in the lift [Grayman]

The sort of thing that haps to everyone [TG]

When mind becomes adrift [LYNN]

A little astrolabe is fine [Grayman]

A fact that owes its provenance to Gandalf number Nine [TG]

'Relish not my astronaut' yelled Hubert Bright the Bold [The Agent Apsley]

He's really not as tall as he might seem [Grayman]

Though I think it very likely that he is twice as old [p]

(Expensive surgeons barely leave a seam) [Grayman]

I'd like to see his footprints on the dust of distant moons [TG]

Or other places where I seldom go [Grayman]

Across the trail of marvellous baboons [The Agent Apsley]

That dance and frolic in the virgin snow [TG]

Contributors: The Agent Apsley, Grayman, TG, nomi, LYNN, p.
Poem finished: 6th August 1999.