The Spoonbill Generator

My Slapdash Endgame

A Cautionary Tale [TG]

Three yards from the brink [Roland]

I paused for reflection [TG]

Paused with my periscope poised [Roland]

I started to think [Anon.]

Considering a change of direction [P]

(I'm given to such introspection) [TG]

In search of a suitable ink [P]

The cause of my doubt [TG]

I scarcelt remember [Roland]

Lost in the lappings of Lethe [TG]

My risible snout [P]

Full-grown since September [Roland]

Now harbours a plan to dismember [P]

All those I consider beneath me [TG]

But then I leapt back [P]

Before my conception [Roland]

Back to the biggest of bangs [TG]

The comforting crack [Roland]

(But appalling reception) [TG]

Effaced my inception [Roland]

And svavaged the void with its fangs [TG]

And thus, I conclude, [Roland]

We all should be wary [TG]

Both of before and behind [Roland]

With caution imbued [TG]

By postures contrary [P]

Just like a canary [TG]

Of more intellectual kind [P]

Contributors: TG, Roland, Anon., P.
Poem finished: 18th July 1999.