The Spoonbill Generator

Atmos the Ferric

Tick Tock...Boing! [nomi]

So goes the cosmic clock [The Agent Apsley]

It's really quite annoing [TG]

That it will not fry my wok [The Agent Apsley]

Tick Tock...fry a wok? [nomi]

There goes the universal frying pan [Becca]

I awoke with such a shock [Grayman]

That I became another man [The Agent Apsley]

on planet becca where I now live [R. Gilknip]

Time flies like a leaden brick [Grayman]

A leaden brick of rap and jive [R. Gilknip]

That does my back untimely crick [Grayman]

Snippity goes the cutting knife [The Agent Apsley]

I feel sick [TG]

The blade was slicing deeper than it ever cut before [The Agent Apsley]

I leapt up of the couch and made a beeline for the door [TG]

The door was locked, I had no key, [R.Gilknip]

The empty darkness frightened me: [The Agent Apsley]

My socks slipped on the floor [Grayman]

Covering the awful sore [kayell]

Tock Tick ..... !gnioB [TG]

I see someone is back to front [R.Gilknip]

It's vastly inconvenient [Grayman]

To force the muse to bear the brunt [Becca]

Or being called as a co-respondient, [R.Gilknip]

Save athwary the Niob'. [The Agent Apsley]

Tic Tock,Coo Coo! [nomi]

In the land of cocoa [TG]

Honey, chees and jam, [R.Gilknip]

Which will not rhyme with spam, [The Agent Apsley]

When the Coo Coo says it's time. [Kayell]

I guess we start another rhyme. [R.gilknip]

But, wait! The clock has just struck three! [TG]

There's apple-tart and jam for tea, [The Agent Apsley]

But alas! If you desire muffin [Grayman]

I'm afraid there's really nuffin' [TG]

'Cept of course the Turkey stuffin', [R.Gilknip]

Which one's brains will shortly toughen [The Agent Apsley]

"Time for bed!" said Zebedee [TG]

Contributors: nomi, The Agent Apsley, TG, Becca, Grayman, R. Gilknip, R.Gilknip, kayell, Kayell, R.gilknip.
Poem finished: 29th June 1999.