The Spoonbill Generator

Fracturating Kippers: This Homophonic Harmonium

Meet my typing-tutor [Roland]

See him pound the keys [TG]

Keep unlocked his eye-lids and hear him start to wheeze [The Agent Apsley]

Cast his face in pewter [TG]

And pray he does not sneeze. [R. Gilknip]

Pester him with questions. Harass him with lies. [The Agent Apsley]

Gossip in loud voices as you mock his taste in ties [Grayman]

And his computer [Roland]

Meet my spelling-checker [TG]

With words like a heckler [kayell]

With words like these we pay with thyme [R.Gilknip]

The Stateside grammar wrecker [Grayman]

Ignores my careful rhyme [Becca]

...Every damn time [nomi]

I have to blame Rebecca [R.Gilknip]

And her vile suitor [The Agent Apsley]

Meet my old thesaurus [Grayman]

What's a simile for "simile"? [TG]

This, I thought was quite a ditty, 'till I saw your reciprocity, [R.Gilknip]

Which, unlike the last submission, is full of frank ferocity [The Agent Apsley]

It seems this ditty has gone quite far enough, [Kayell]

We are not weak, but why so tough? [R.Gilknip]

Why do they ignore us? [TG]

Through every line they bore us... [The Agent Apsley]

Contributors: Roland, TG, The Agent Apsley, R. Gilknip, Grayman, kayell, R.Gilknip, Becca, nomi, Kayell.
Poem finished: 21st June 1999.