The Spoonbill Generator

Remember My Helicopter?

Never in the history of this our Mother Earth [TG]

Has a thing so utter brazen e'er been seen [Grayman]

Or been by human brought unto a birth [The Agent Apsley]

I want an ice cream [bob]

I demand that all should know my worth [TG]

And recognize the visions that I've all too swiftly seen [The Agent Apsley]

Or been the source of sundry ribald mirth [TG]

I need a solar beam [The Agent Apsley]

Never in our history has there been such a dearth [Becca]

Of the creative urge we call the muse [Grayman]

Or an absence of live matter in the briny Firth [The Agent Apsley]

because of the toxics we all use [R.Gilknip]

balk if you will, but listen still [Robert Deslauriers]

And hearken to the wisdom of the ones who time peruse [Grayman]

Then sleep, perhaps awake you will, to the lowly tune of the watermill [R.Gilknip]

That grinds beneath the ooze [Grayman]

Never in my history have I betrayed a goose [The Agent Apsley]

To those who'd force its liver through a sieve [TG]

Or make it run grotesquely so fast and loose [The Agent Apsley]

A crime that no man can forgive [TG]

Yet with this deed, we are forced to live [R.Gilknip]

In darkness thick and sticky like a cake [The Agent Apsley]

of this, what are we to make? [linda fourroux]

And, [Anon.]

Yet, despite it's gruesome taste, I much prefer it, to halfbaked hake [R.Giknip]

Never in the future will this happen again [Becca]

I've poured the purri down the drain [R.Gilknip]

Where it will mingle with the rain [The Agent Apsley]

And hopefully leave no stain [Grayman]

...on the cosmic brain [nomi]

Yet one thing's plain [TG]

The rain in Spain goes mainly down the drain. [R.Gilknip]

Contributors: TG, Grayman, The Agent Apsley, bob, Becca, R.Gilknip, Robert Deslauriers, linda fourroux, Anon., R.Giknip, nomi.
Poem finished: 17th June 1999.