The Spoonbill Generator

Wetness, Damp Socks, and Prawns

Although our raft is still marooned [Roland]

The mast is up and cacrophooned [The Agent Apsley]

Each ounce its brightest burden [Roland]

And while we bob upon the brine [Grayman]

Our discipline in sharp decline [Roland]

It's mutiny now,we're out of wine! [nomi]

So call the purser and his mate [The Agent Apsley]

Hasten that they not be late [Stacy]

The Captain?...he's got a date [nomi]

The year was fourteen sixty-three [TG]

There was a full moon and minus tide [nomi]

The neap was high, the nexus wide [Grayman]

The azimuth was steady but the altitude was high [The Agent Apsley]

Who put that potato in the sky? [Bernie Winters]

And why? [TG]

The stars were all aglimmer as they blazed high in the loft [The Agent Apsley]

Silence was disturbed when someone coughed [TG]

A hat was doffed [The Agent Apsley]

...The raft sank [nomi]

Beneath the green and watery waves [Richey G]

We now live in subterranean caves [Becca]

I've had to move to wet shaves [Grayman]

Thus the moral's plain to see [The Agent Apsley]

If you rely on power, dont go to sea [R. Gilknip]

Or if you do, don't moan at me [Grayman]

Since I am all insanity [The Agent Apsley]

Contributors: Roland, The Agent Apsley, Grayman, nomi, Stacy, TG, Bernie Winters, Richey G, Becca, R. Gilknip.
Poem finished: 11th June 1999.