The Spoonbill Generator

Zinc Oxide Alarum

When Hydrogen confounded Zinc [Roland]

The litmus turned a shade of pink [Grayman]

As if to indicate to man [Roland]

The acid test was underhand [Grayman]

Unlike the Missing Link [Roland]

The lucky man had pink zinc ink [nomi]

Which, in the papers, caused a stink [The Agent Apsley]

When in the smallest room perused [Grayman]

By those who alibis refused [The Agent Apsley]

That is what I think. [Stacy]

Just think,stinking pink zinc ink! [nomi]

The strain of thought will make you blink [TG]

Or otherwise avert your sight [The Agent Apsley]

(We recommend soft candlelight) [Grayman]

From what might be the missing link... [The Agent Apsley]

Lucky man linked to pink stink [nomi]

Refused to leave the smallest chink [Grayman]

For those that castigate the press [The Agent Apsley]

His deviation to address [Grayman]

Press says 'Drinking stinking pink zinc ink kills poet' [nomi]

And my word! It did. [Grayman]

For, before the Thebans know it, [The Agent Apsley]

They begin to STINK! [Stacy ]

Contributors: Roland, Grayman, nomi, The Agent Apsley, Stacy, TG.
Poem finished: 30th May 1999.