The Spoonbill Generator

Warriors from Eternity

I wandered lonely as a nerd [Grayman]

A blue nerd from the hedge outside [(trad)]

Unlike the geese that I despised [The Agent Apsley]

The wand'ring troubadour descried [Grayman]

I shambled aimless as a goat [The Agent Apsley]

That licks the skulls of mice and men [Roland]

Who drink a stein beside the beck [Grayman]

And leave the broad way now and then [Roland]

I rumbled loudly as a cart [Grayman]

That plies its pastries o'er the Lea [Roland]

And shouts its wares to those with cash [P]

To spare, in lieu of piety [Roland]

I traveled with the Nerd herd [nomi]

Under dell and over dale [The Agent Apsley]

Stampeding lemmings we espied [Grayman]

And eek the lesser spotted whale [The Agent Apsley]

I stumbled on a run-down inn [TG]

Wherein the Magi made their home [The Agent Apsley]

But even they could not foresee [Grayman]

The wet `n wild Nerd Par-ty!! [nomi]

I voyaged with an Ostrogoth [The Agent Apsley]

Oh to be free of such regrets! [Grayman]

And is this manner grew of wrath [The Agent Apsley]

To be announced with castanets? [Grayman]

Contributors: Grayman, (trad), The Agent Apsley, Roland, P, nomi, TG.
Poem finished: 26th May 1999.