The Spoonbill Generator

While I'm Devoid of Syntax

Slowly, slowly crept the maddened fox [Grayman]

Do the Constants of Nature Vary with Time? [LaRue]

Constance's nature is very sublime [TG]

But the vixen pays no attention to clocks [Grayman]

Sweetly, sweetly sang the hovering lark [TG]

Do the stanzas of poems worsen with rhyme? [The Agent Apsley]

Stan's a mere shadow, corroded by crime [Roland]

But the bird is never afraid of the dark [TG]

Softly, softly wept the shivering ape [Roland]

Is the syntax of language engendered by mime? [Grayman]

Cyn taxes everyone, dollar and dime [Roland]

Until we are held by the ponderous grape. [The Agent Apsley]

Subtly, subtly rang the Lutine Bell [Roland]

Is ever an Alderman seen in his prime? [Grayman]

I, Severine, swear I shall clamber or climb [Roland]

Up into Heaven or elsewise down into Hell [The Agent Apsley]

Soundly, soundly slept the careworn Turk [TG]

Does the martin fly higher the broader the sky? [Grayman]

Martin's a high-flyer, higher than I [Roland]

But no more than Roland when he is at work [The Agent Apsley]

Suddenly,suddenly something went very wrong [nomi]

Does the gourd in the desert surrender and die? [Grayman]

Can Gordon revisit Khartoum by and by [Roland]

To wrest from the ancients the luminous gong? [The Agent Apsley]

Stymied,stymied again by a desert poem [nomi]

Does the sand iridesce as the dunes multiply? [Roland]

Does the sand-eel whirl as the may-bugs die? [The Agent Apsley]

Bereft of xylem as well as of phloem [Grayman]

Sparely, sparely seeps the Pythia's sap [Roland]

Is the law an ass tho' manger fed? [Grayman]

Ask Laura, in the cattle-shed [Roland]

Where a desperate unicorn sleeps in her lap [P]

Seduced,seduced by the lovely Laura [nomi]

Who exudes a hydrogenous glow [The Agent Apsley]

Yet why does Roger hide his woe [Roland]

Or even his reflective aura? [The Agent Apsley]

Stupidly,stupidly they continued [nomi]

"Does any here know me?" the Monarch exclaimed [Roland]

"Haven't got a clue" said Roger [nomi]

And shrugged, his shoulders lithe and sinewed [TG]

Contributors: Grayman, LaRue, TG, The Agent Apsley, Roland, nomi, P.
Poem finished: 23rd May 1999.