The Spoonbill Generator

Anthem of Unfinished Toenails

It's best to smile [P]

When the track is lost [Grayman]

The extra mile [TG]

Is worth the cost [P]

To those that pound upon the street [The Agent Apsley]

To find the gold beneath their feet [TG]

It's fine to stride [Grayman]

When the chips are down [Roland]

The inner pride [Grayman]

Corrodes the crown [Roland]

And makes it bear the brazen heat [The Agent Apsley]

To pluck a triumph from defeat [TG]

It's good to talk [(trad)]

When the fools abound [Grayman]

The knife and fork [Roland]

The warm surround [Grayman]

The cruet-set, the dado-rail [Roland]

A pint of Indian Pale Ale [Grayman]

It's bad to yawn [Roland]

Upon mown lawn [The Agent Apsley]

To alter course [Roland]

When speaking Norse [The Agent Apsley]

The Palinode, the palimpsest [Roland]

It's time to rest. [nomi]

Contributors: P, Grayman, TG, The Agent Apsley, Roland, (trad), nomi.
Poem finished: 17th May 1999.