The Spoonbill Generator

Major Karamazov's On Call

Cooler than the outer wall [P]

The cabin fills with Mercury [nomi]

It forms a glistening silver ball [TG]

And shivers with Terpsichore [The Agent Apsley]

The monitors are dead, black as space [nomi]

As in the distance phantoms loom [The Agent Apsley]

They tread a calm, unmeasured pace [TG]

Never involved in the rocket race [nomi]

Spectators from the turgid gloom [Grayman]

Won't investigate my room [The Agent Apsley]

Yet time is measured at their whim [Grayman]

On there planet,they don't swim [nomi]

But socialise with seraphim [Grayman]

Hotter than the stellar core [TG]

eating at my loving whore [a.haw]

Is the being I adore [The Agent Apsley]

The Universal Omnivore [P]

Pressed to write another line [The Agent Apsley]

The mutants first bathe in Wine [nomi]

Then dip their quills in olivine [Grayman]

While softly spirits intertwine [Anon.]

How i hate this very verse [A.HAW]

The one presented by my nurse [The Agent Apsley]

She keeps the alien stuff in her purse [nomi]

That silly old woman from Dorking [Grayman]

Let's stop talking [TG]

Contributors: P, nomi, TG, The Agent Apsley, Grayman, a.haw, Anon., A.HAW.
Poem finished: 8th May 1999.