The Spoonbill Generator

The Unseen Chill

The 'Spoonbill Chill' hung over the land [nomi]

And made the mud like unto sand [The Agent Apsley]

The skies grew dark, and near at hand [TG]

Even the Sun wouldn't take a stand [nomi]

And thus it is that hake are wise [The Agent Apsley]

Not learning how to fantasise [Grayman]

Or even photosynthesise [The Agent Apsley]

...they go deeper, to avoid the 'Spoonbill chill' [nomi]

But how prevent the numbing fear? [Grayman]

The all-enwrapping atmosphere [The Agent Apsley]

The startled panic of a deer, [Stacy]

Forewarns that none may enter here [Grayman]

'The Chill' settles in... [nomi]

The air is redolent of sin [TG]

all salmon quake within the tin [a.haw]

Whether oil or brine therein [Grayman]

The legend grows of those who write [The Agent Apsley]

And lose thereby the power of sight [P]

To see the things that are not there [The Agent Apsley]

Ya gotta have that 'Spoonbill Stare' [nomi]

But I can't help thinking, by and large [Grayman]

"I loved the summer spent with Marge" [A.HAW]

Or else, at Easter, of a threne [The Agent Apsley]

Our minds are blown by the 'Spoonbill Chill Machine' [nomi]

Contributors: nomi, The Agent Apsley, TG, Grayman, Stacy, a.haw, P, A.HAW.
Poem finished: 7th May 1999.