The Spoonbill Generator

Romeo's Disagreeable Collapsible Peregrinations

'Festival of shouting!', so barked the trusty swain [The Agent Apsley]

His nose aglow with liquor and his eyes brim full of mirth [TG]

Of a kind that is contagious and gives rise to quite a pain [The Agent Apsley]

It's more common in the Berkshires than it is in Eastern Maine. [Stacy]

'Prevaricate no longer!' he exhorted with a smile [P]

I'll spin a merry yarn in my very loudest tones [Grayman]

And baldly execute it with the pinnacle of style [The Agent Apsley]

Declaiming deathless prose and turning somersaults the while [TG]

Contributors: The Agent Apsley, TG, Stacy, P, Grayman.
Poem finished: 24th April 1999.