The Spoonbill Generator

Wizened Thoughts for Yesterdays' Leak

Tesseracts were falling as if falling were the rage [The Agent Apsley]

Never mind the diety who looked half the parson's age, [Stacy]

Or could not spell for toffee or any soft cold fruit [The Agent Apsley]

That he found within the pockets of his underwater suit [P]

But when it started leaking, everything was moot [nomi]

Diadems, crowns, tiaras, they always make a stir [The Agent Apsley]

Especially when basking in a counterpoint of fur [TG]

Those lucious lacey cumquats turned pickled in the spring, [Stacy]

Which, when it comes to spelling, is not their better thing [The Agent Apsley]

But literacy answers haste with aimless wandering [Grayman]

Contributors: The Agent Apsley, Stacy, P, nomi, TG, Grayman.
Poem finished: 23rd April 1999.