The Spoonbill Generator

Canterbury Nemesis

Petulant pilgrims don't like to eat rope [The Agent Apsley]

But do like their penguins and opium dope [Stacy]

"OH NO!" said The Pope [nomi]

NOT soap on a ROPE! [Stacy]

And thus, in bright CAPITALS, all came unsung [The Agent Apsley]

Because SOME pilgrims and penguins are SO highstrung [NOMI]

"Oh my!" said the dope [Elizabeth]

Pill poppin penguins,pilgrims and popes?? [nomi]

Parasite rope eaters do not permit soap, [Stacy]

It seems to be beyond there scope [nomi]

Or even the ambit of those with aplomb [The Agent Apsley]

That riding turned backwards make most bloaks look dumb [Stacy]

And so, if you wonder what this is about, [The Agent Apsley]

It won't take a genius to figure it out... [nomi]

Contributors: The Agent Apsley, Stacy, nomi, NOMI, Elizabeth.
Poem finished: 20th April 1999.