The Spoonbill Generator

A Bergsonian Lullaby For Cats

Cowboy and Chabot are on the go! [nomi]

Swaggerin' to the country slow, [Stacy]

My, how they must love to ride! [The Agent Apsley]

Galloping through the country-side, hollerin' "Yo!" [Elizabeth]

Numbskull and Patriot like to fight [The Agent Apsley]

Carryin' on all through the night. [Stacy]

But Walrus and his friend Old Pete [The AgentApsley]

Killed a guy just for his feet!! [nomi]

Priestess and Prankster, running amok [PedroGuacamole]

Wearing a rather natty old smock [The Agent Apsley]

Forming cheese figures in effigy [EX-O-Pedro]

In the bottom of a crock [nomi]

The, just for laughs, exhaling [The Agent Apsley]

Suborning the wire meant for baling [TG]

Thousands of them flailing, [Stacy]

Which sure beats going whaling! [The Agent Apsley]

Kukla and Ollie are quite the smart pair, [Stacy]

Goofy as hell and both have funny hair! [nomi]

Both of them go whaling, [Stacy]

Which repetition leaves me flailing... [The Agent Apsley]

Gilbert and Lunchbucket love to cook carrion [Elizabeth]

They live in Connecticut almost next to Darion, [Stacy]

Which isn't a place that I'd care to visit [The Agent Apsley]

Middle of a swamp... is it? [nomi]

Contributors: nomi, Stacy, The Agent Apsley, Elizabeth, The AgentApsley, PedroGuacamole, EX-O-Pedro, TG.
Poem finished: 16th April 1999.