The Spoonbill Generator

Uncle Gomez's Dinosaur Eggs

Acres of acrid slime do not make a garden [The Agent Apsley]

blue not as blue as the sea. [A.R.]

green as a scream [nomi]

Or else as the sage old warden [The Agent Apsley]

Miles of mildewed weed do not make a shoreline [TG]

green not as green as your eyes [Stacy]

blue as a dream [The Agent Apsley]

or else as the region divine [Stacy ]

Reams of rhyming rantings do not make a Treasury [The Agent Apsley]

Nor mounds of maggots,heaps of hogs [nomi]

Pink as ice-cream [Elizabeth]

I scream [nomi]

Contributors: The Agent Apsley, A.R., nomi, TG, Stacy, Elizabeth.
Poem finished: 15th April 1999.