The Spoonbill Generator

Neoplastic Ha'penny

My parachute has broken and I don't know how to fall [The Agent Apsley]

Damn it all ... [Elizabeth]

The glittering words I've spoken will be lost for evermore [TG]

What a bore ... [Elizabeth]

A death bead for a hardisk' [Lars]

In Swedisk [The Agent Apsley]

Tell me more... [Stacy]

OK...Pull the #%*#!! ripcord!!! [nomi]

My telescope has broken and I dont' know who to call, [Stacy]

What a ball! [The Agent Apsley]

Can't call Galileo [nomi]

Or Alfa Romeo [The Agent Apsley]

Who do You Know? [nomi]

Contributors: The Agent Apsley, Elizabeth, TG, Lars, Stacy, nomi.
Poem finished: 9th April 1999.