The Spoonbill Generator

This Pinteresque Portion

Weasels ripped my heart out [nomi]

The little that remained [KD]

When I had been inspected [The Agent Apsley]

It seems I was rejected! [nomi]

Measles blotched my face out [Stacy]

'Twas hideously stained [TG]

I felt hurt and rejected, [Stacy]

Unnerved if not de-brained: [Anon.]

Cruel war takes the men out [Starza]

Whose bravery is feigned [Anon.]

The wise ones have defected [TG]

They'll never be the same [Stacy]

Poems are created with effort scant and dim [The Agent Apsley]

(I think it's fair to say that without going on a limb) [TG]

Rhyme and reason for every season [Elizabeth]

And hake and cod both defy reason [The Agent Apsley]

Contributors: nomi, KD, The Agent Apsley, Stacy, TG, Anon., Starza, Elizabeth.
Poem finished: 7th April 1999.