The Spoonbill Generator

The Leather Ambulance Crumbles

By dint of subtle mime [Roland]

An esoteric crime [Bop]

Was never brought to book [Roland]

Although the crafty crook [TG]

Had mastered semaphore [Roland]

A master of the lore [P]

That hadn't, heretofore, [Roland]

Considered all the risks [P]

Remastered all the disks [TG]

With extra, subtle care [Roland]

By colouring his hair [TG]

To blend more with the air [Roland]

The thief remained unseen [P]

Although the village green [Roland]

Was teeming with police [TG]

So, as he took the crease [Roland]

The square leg umpire, quite obese, [P]

Detected, on the breeze [Roland]

The sound of Granny's knees [TG]

As teaspoons on them played [Loaf]

And as the tea was made [TG]

From mud and lemonade [Roland]

Emesis soon ensued! [Bop]

And Granny, I'm afraid, [Roland]

Said something rather rude [TG]

Then, umpire to the fore [Roland]

We tallied up the score [TG]

With abacus of oak [Roland]

And told the elvish folk [TG]

This new and subtle law: [Roland]

When eighteen stand on three [TG]

Beyond the boundary [Roland]

With trouser-legs unfurled [TG]

The winner shall be he [Roland]

Who circles back in time [TG]

By dint of subtle mime ... [Roland]

We solved the cunning crime [TG]

Contributors: Roland, Bop, TG, P, Loaf.
Poem finished: 5th April 1999.