The Spoonbill Generator

A Dire Tenderness

Never deny that I warned you [TG]

Of the terrors that lurk in the Park; [The Agent Apsley]

Never forget how I scorned you [Roland]

This isn't some laughable lark! [Stacy]

Always remember I love you [TG]

And take you home when it is dark; [The Agent Apsley]

If ever I call myself "Guv", you [TG]

Would know that I fancied remark! [The Agent Apsley]

Sometimes think tenderly of me [TG]

And like a loyal dog I'll abide [Patricia Rogosich]

I remember when you warmed me [KD]

Lest I should become cold inside. [The Agent Apsley]

Twice you may call me the rapper, [Stacy]

And we'll dance to the samba's wild sound [TG]

I turn off the light with my clapper, [Stacy]

and sit while the world turns around [Skysaw]

Always remember the lyrics, [Stacy]

And never forget how you hate them. [Anon.]

Don't change the meter, oh deer lick! [Starza]

Or rhyme schemes, lest someone abate them [TG]

Contributors: TG, The Agent Apsley, Roland, Stacy, Patricia Rogosich, KD, Skysaw, Anon., Starza.
Poem finished: 4th April 1999.