The Spoonbill Generator

Who Desecrates the Vector?

Make a portrait of King George upon the very sod [The Agent Apsley]

Make a portrait of King George carrying a cod [Elizabeth]

Make a point of peeping [Roland]

Make a tea worth steeping [Stacy]

Make a portrait like to please the very face of God [The Agent Apsley]

Sing the praise of Bonaparte on Elba's scented isle [TG]

Sing the praise of them who eat and those that merely smile [The Agent Apsley]

Sing the song of those who sail the Nile [nomi]

Sing a threne that Watt might rile [The Agent Apsley]

Sing a song of sixpence, and don't be infantile! [Bop]

Put some paper on the fire until it starts to catch [The Agent Apsley]

Put some oil upon the door to hush the squeaky latch [TG]

Put some order in your life [The Agent Apsley]

Rid yourself of daily strife, [Stacy]

Put yourself about a bit and find the perfect match! [TG]

Ease your feet into your shoes and squeeze them till they murmur [The Agent Apsley]

Ease the dog's discomfiture by feeding him a wormer [TG]

Ease the bolt until it squeaks [The Agent Apsley]

Ease yourself into your breeks [TG]

Ease the diaper off the babe and beware 'cause he's a squirmer! [Stacy]

Eat while you talk to kings of old because they never listen [parkay]

Eat until there's nothing left but the things that dimly glisten [The Agent Apsley]

Eat nothing bigger than your head [nomi]

Read nothing that cannot be read, [Stacy]

Eat until your innards ape the sound of kettles hiss'n! [TG]

Contributors: The Agent Apsley, Elizabeth, Roland, Stacy, TG, nomi, Bop, parkay.
Poem finished: 28th March 1999.