The Spoonbill Generator

Cessations in Cocktail-Waitressing

Catastrophe has happened on a scale that Pride forbids [The Agent Apsley]

empires fall, midst fires tall [Jazz]

And monarchs fall unshaven like a tragedy of bids [The Agent Apsley]

Lost between foundation-stones, transported, overturned [Roland]

Into a beaker dark and tall [The Agent Apsley]

The ashes of the many they had threatened would be burned [P]

Shadowless survivors, underscoring panic's grip [Roland]

On matters long and tall [The Agent Apsley]

The radar screen of heaven now records another blip. [Elizabeth]

Ostracised, the penitent foregather in despair [Roland]

To wring their hands and bawl, [Stacy]

Unlike the Trojans, with wigwams in their hair. [The Agent Apsley]

As a shaft of morning light breaks through the henge of stone [Wee Jasper]

So clear and withal tall [The Agent Apsley]

The druids chant the praises of the beef beneath the bone [TG]

Dispossessed, the humble shards that once were pots [The Agent Apsley]

And beakers dark and tall [Loaf]

Shudder into nothingness and arrive too late at Gotz [The Agent Apsley]

And so, my friends, [Bop]

My fellows strong and tall, [The Agent Apsley]

This story ends [Loaf]

Contributors: The Agent Apsley, Jazz, Roland, P, Elizabeth, Stacy, Wee Jasper, TG, Loaf, Bop.
Poem finished: 20th March 1999.